Cloud labs

There is so much goodness going on in the cloud on Ubuntu! Super-complex deployments turned into a breeze by Juju, ideas for new charms to write, great insights on cloud security, and beautiful new designs for GUI icons! This is the place where we post all this interesting content from the Ubuntu cloud team.

And as always, we love hearing from our community! So if you have cool stuff of your own that you’ve done using Ubuntu OpenStack and/or any of our cloud tools, send it over and we’ll pick the best ones and post them here. Send your best work to: [email protected]. Before you send anything, please read the legal bit*. We look forward to featuring your creations on!

The Heart of Juju ›

We all know and love Juju, but ever wondered what lies at the heart of it? Here is your exclusive insider access to Juju.


Overcoming Cloud Security Obstacles ›

We recently wrote a whitepaper together with our partners from Intel on overcoming some of the most common issues in cloud security. A must-read for anyone interested in the topic!


Juju GUI walk-through ›

Check out the latest version of cloud magic! We’ve just unveiled the new, and very fabulous Juju GUI, and you get a walk-through.


Charm School: Charm overview ›

If you’re itching to write your first charm, here is how to do it.

Ubuntu Juju - migrate your infrastructure from ec2 to hpcloud ›

Looking to migrate your infrastructure from ec2 to HP Cloud? Here is the magical way to do it using Juju.

Google I/O 2012 - Go in Production ›

Canonical’s Gustavo Niemeyer gave a fantastic talk at Google I/O on Go in production.

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