Terms and policies

We have legal agreements for the production of our software, the way we present it on our websites and the protection of intellectual property — both yours and ours. In the sections below, you can see all the legal terms and policies for Ubuntu and Canonical.

Ubuntu terms

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions cover both Ubuntu and Canonical. They govern the content of our websites, including things like the use of images and text.

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Your privacy is extremely important. Our privacy policy explains what data we collect from you via both our websites and our software — and what we do with it.

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Intellectual property rights

Our intellectual property rights policy lets you use, modify and redistribute Ubuntu. It also outlines how you can use our trademarks, design assets and other copyrighted materials.

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Online accounts

Ubuntu online accounts are provided by Canonical. This legal notice applies to your use of Ubuntu online accounts and incorporates the terms of our legal notice and our privacy policy.

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U1 and Software Centre

Ubuntu One and the Ubuntu software centre are provided by Canonical. This legal notice applies to your use of Ubuntu One and the Ubuntu software centre.

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Confidentiality agreement standard form

You can enter into a confidentiality agreement with Canonical. Please use this form where directed to by Canonical.

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