BootStack — your managed cloud

The BootStack service gives you an OpenStack private cloud, running on your hardware, in your choice of datacentre with Canonical responsible for design, deployment and availability. We’ll even train your team and, when it suits you, hand over operational control.

BootStack calculator

Our calculator can help you identify your potential return on investment by comparing the costs of a BootStack managed cloud against the staff costs of a self-built and managed cloud.

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BootStack managed cloud

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BootStack cost including Ubuntu Advantage support

Canonical builds, manages and operates your cloud 24/7.

  • Built with Canonical OpenStack, the world’s leading open cloud platform
  • Your choice of hardware, certified by Canonical for Ubuntu and OpenStack
  • A suite of management tools and the training you need to take control

Commercial support for your cloud from the experts at Canonical.

Self-built and managed cloud

per month

Staff cost $0 plus Ubuntu Advantage support cost $0

Your in-house staff costs to operate your cloud 24/7: $0 per month

  • $k

• Average salary data obtained from for the USA

Supplement your team with commercial support for your cloud from the experts at Canonical.

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Legal disclaimer

The Bootstack calculator provides estimates only. Pricing and savings are not guaranteed. Not all configurations that are compatible with Bootstack.

Get a private BootStack managed cloud in three easy steps

  1. We specify your cloud 1

    Together, we design your cloud to the required size and specifications — on your site, in your datacentre or hosted with one of our partners.

  2. We run your cloud 2

    Our OpenStack experts take full responsibility for the management, monitoring and 24/7 availability of your new cloud.

  3. We transfer control 3

    As and when you decide to take control of your cloud back in house, we will train your team on its operations to ensure a smooth handover.

Your cloud, your site, our experience

  • Zero investment — we build the cloud and host it, so you don’t have to hire a team of experts or commit upfront investment
  • Predictable costs — your cloud is built to your specifications, on dedicated hardware and priced in a predictable fashion
  • Guaranteed availability — our expertise, based on the management of hundreds of clouds, is backed up by a clear SLA
  • Complete control — your team can access every tool and every machine — and we can transfer operations to you on demand.

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