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Snappy Ubuntu Core is a secure, stable and easily updated OS for any internet-enabled device, from drones and industrial gateways to intelligent heating, lighting and security systems.

  • Enterprise-grade security model
  • Reliable and future-proof
  • Lower support costs with transactional updates
  • Tools to manage your IoT deployments


Next-generation networking

The newest switches and gateways have the power to run Snappy Ubuntu Core and on top of it, snappy networking applications. That’s why the OS can now be installed as a development Linux kernel for both whitebox and OCP switch designs. As a result, ODMs, Network Operating System vendors and whitebox resellers can all offer products running Ubuntu — in many cases, the same OS their customers are running on their servers and OpenStack clouds.

[Ubuntu Core] will enable Industrial Internet Consortium members to more easily build secure distributed systems for the industrial Internet of Things.

Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium

Enterprise-grade, industry hardened

Ubuntu's widespread deployment in enterprise datacentres sets the stage for its entry to industrial control and management systems.

The world’s fastest Xeon server, alongside massively multi-core ARM CPUs such as Thunder from Cavium, are all equally well supported by Snappy Ubuntu Core. From high-end server appliances that power the next generation of switches and routers, to hyperscale container-oriented infrastructure and rack-centric transcoding engines, Snappy Ubuntu Core supports the widest range of server-class silicon for appliance designers and developers — and it’s widely accepted in enterprise datacentres too.

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    What our partners are saying

    • Dell’s Industrial Gateway

      Snappy Ubuntu Core’s ability to automatically roll back to the last known working version of the OS provides developers with peace of mind.

      Jason Shepherd, Director, IoT Strategy and Partnerships, Dell

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    • ChillHub from GE

      FirstBuild’s approach to open innovation makes it possible for the online community to help us conceive and design products that people want, and speed them to market.

      Natarajan Venkatakrishnan, Director, GE FirstBuild and Partnerships, Dell

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    • DJI Drone

      We are excited to see what applications our developer community will come up with for this new platform.

      Michael Perry, DJI’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.

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    Supported hardware

    Reducing the time between innovation and sales is a key advantage for Ubuntu based devices. Both ARMv7 and X86-64 are supported by Snappy Ubuntu Core. From Raspberry Pi to the Dell Edge 5000 Gateway, Ubuntu works across the widest range of developer boards, helping you create your application safe in the knowledge that you can select the right silicon closer to the point of manufacture.

    Commercial information

    Supported by Canonical

    Ubuntu Core is a free and open source operating system. There are no royalties associated with its usage. Commercial services can be provided by Canonical, however, for a per-unit service fee plus additional costs covering engineering, board certification, maintenance, quality assurance and third-party licensing.

    A complete solution

    Engagements cover component and system enablement as well as certification. Engagements are structured with baseline volume commitments, volume-based pricing for service fees and minimal recurrent engineering. Ubuntu Desktop is a complete solution for OEMs and ODMs.

    Ongoing support

    The ability to update your devices is central to your security and long-term competitiveness. Canonical takes care of all security and critical bug fixes to the base platform offering and provides the infrastructure to support your update management strategy. Ubuntu has a world-class track record maintaining a secure and stable operating system.

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    Ubuntu Core provides a production-ready platform for shipping, updating and selling your products, making it easier for customers to find and install your apps.

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