A new generation of mobile experiences

Ubuntu introduces a new way to enjoy your smartphone — a world away from the traditional app icon grid.

For the first time, there will be a phone that revolves around you and the content and services important to you. Say goodbye to opening and switching between multiple apps and, instead, let Ubuntu scopes bring everything you need to your screen.

Scopes are a new UI paradigm, designed to deliver content and services directly to categorised home screens, giving users a rich, unfragmented experience. Developers have a new way to create app-like experiences that are easier to discover, build, and are integral to the OS.

Engaging experiences delivered directly to the screen

Ubuntu phones come with several categorized home screens — including music, video, news, and more - that define the device’s default experience. These aggregation scopes bring together content and services from multiple sources and deliver them as a unified experience. For example, the video scope will display multiple video sources like YouTube and Vimeo in addition to your own recorded videos, and similarly a music scope can display your music plus content from the likes of Soundcloud, Grooveshark and more.

Each source can then expand into an app-like, fully branded experience. For developers, this is the fastest path to develop a rich mobile experience on Ubuntu — at fraction of the cost of traditional apps. And by attributing categories (music, news, videos, etc) to your branded scopes, users can discover them from both the default aggregation scopes and the Store. And once a user favourites a scope, it becomes a default screen on the device.