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We help you take Ubuntu to market

Canonical is the company that makes Ubuntu, together with a cast of thousands. We have teams in London, Boston, Montreal, Taipei and Shanghai to help you bring Ubuntu devices to market.

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Focused on industry needs

Everyday we work with OEMs, ODMs and mobile network operators, delivering the software, content and community to match their industrial design, manufacture and distribution. We also work with content providers to bring their shows to our audience.

Whatever the project, we can help you launch products without the cost and complexity of operating system development, software engineering or global content distribution agreements.

Help you launch products without the cost and complexity

Ubuntu is everywhere

Ubuntu’s distinctive family of interfaces provide a great touch experience on the phone and the tablet, a great lean-back experience on the TV and, of course, a great desktop experience on the PC. Thanks to Canonical’s hardware enablement partnerships, Ubuntu is now pre-installed on laptops and desktops from the world’s top brands in all major global markets – in fact, our OEM partners predict that 10% of the world’s new branded PCs will ship with Ubuntu in 2014.

If you have your own UI, then you can build your own devices using the industry-standard Ubuntu Core, without the Ubuntu UI, and enjoy the most popular Linux toolchain, core system libraries, security updates and huge selection of packages at a very low cost per device. Whatever the architecture, Ubuntu is the fastest route to market.

Ubuntu is now pre-installed on laptops and desktops from the world’s top brands

Experts in Linux on ARM

We have been engaged by ARM and their SoC partners since 2008 to enable Ubuntu for the ARM architecture. Today we are a world leader in the supply of software for low-energy ARM devices from handhelds to supercomputers. No other enterprise Linux matches our presence on the ARM platform.

Years of hardware experience

Canonical has a large and experienced OEM engagement team that has worked successfully with hardware makers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo for many years. We can provide a complete, end-to-end device delivery solution on Intel, AMD or ARM silicon, helping our partners identify market opportunities, deliver on time and ensure a stunning experience on every device.

Custom engineering

Engagements cover component and system enablement, certification, and platform customisation. Canonical coordinates with component manufacturers to develop, integrate or update drivers, integrate third-party commercial software and customise Ubuntu to meet customer-specific needs.

Canonical engineering capacity is distributed globally for device-oriented engagements, and can be led from the US, Europe or Asia, with local teams accountable for customer needs.

Canonical engineering capacity is distributed globally

Upgrades and maintenance

Modern connected device strategies emphasise the ability to update and upgrade software in-place, often automatically. This enables a long-term relationship between the hardware vendor and their customers, with ever-increasing value propositions for customers who want the latest experiences and services on existing hardware.

The ability to update your devices is central to your security and long-term competitiveness. Canonical takes care of all security and critical bug fixes to the base platform offering and provides the infrastructure to support your update management strategy. Ubuntu has a world-class track record maintaining a secure and stable operating system in the PC sector, and we bring this expertise to customers’ products.

The ability to update your devices is central to your security and long-term competitiveness

Nine years and 19 releases – and all
on time

Since its launch in 2004, Ubuntu has kept to a strict six-month release cycle. Every fourth release benefits from long-term support (长期支持版本) with five years’ worth of hardware, security and maintenance updates, giving business users confidence to commit to Ubuntu at scale.

Ubuntu Desktop release cycle, 5 year long term support

Third-party license fees

Canonical has agreements in place with third parties and industry organisations to include codecs for common media formats. In addition, we manage access fees for services that provide channel listings or additional information on the content being viewed. Commercial engagements around Ubuntu devices with Canonical cover these fees and related items, such as subscriptions, royalty collection fees and regulatory broadcast fees.

Helping you manage change

Today’s consumer devices need to be maintained, updated and upgraded throughout their lifetime. Canonical provides a complete infrastructure solution to help you add value to your devices in-market, including OS updates, app updates and Ubuntu One cloud services.

As your peripheral ecosystem grows, we work with the manufacturers to ensure that their drivers are incorporated into the Ubuntu platform – and delivered without any adverse effect on user experience.

A complete infrastructure solution